Shakuhachi zen current projects

1.6 shakuhachi

1.6 ji ari shakuhachi with nakatsuki. This 1.6 with nakatsuki has still to undergo jinuri or lacquering the bore. It will probably take over a year to fully finish.

1.6 ji ari shakuhachi

Detail of 1.6 shakuhachi.

1.6 ji ari shakuhachi

Another 1.6 shakuhachi ready for drilling holes.

1.8 jiari shakuhachi

This is a one-piece or nobe shakuhachi with just 6 nodes instead of the standard 7.

1.8 shakuhachi

Detail of the 1.8 shakuhachi.

2.3 jiari shakuhachi

This 2.3 shakuhachi is pitched in Bb and is awaiting final tuning.